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Next week, before we sign off, we will be posting all the INFO we have on the horrible behaviour from Shelby Twp. Parks & rec., our own DNR and the many Non Profit groups manipulating money and things to get their insane BIKE pathwyas all connected up around S.E.Michigan. Even at the Cost of Killing all the hundreds of Great Blue Herons at Hollands Ponds. Not to mention, the Egrets, Green Herons and all types of aquatic life, including the endangered Box Turtle and soft-shelled Turtle that one flourished at Holland Ponds.

We will provide you with all the background details and interconnected associations that have been taking place behind closed doors, all for the job security of Union Maintenance Lawn Cutter at Parks & Recreation. Not to mention the Nature Center and how all these people and Township entities interconnect to get their Careers, Jobs, pat raises and goals accomplished at ANY costs. Killing Herons or whatever it may be.

We will show you why Oakland Audubon Society was have ing their last months meeting and private Park Tout, led by of all people, Dan Farmer, the Naturalist at Shadbush, Someone only concerned with his job and not the health of the environment or the Natural Resources at Holland Ponds. That’s what a Union and corruption does for you.

Most of all, we have a very detailed write up on Youngblood, the head maintenance man for Shelby Twp. and his Boss too. Those two have been very busy these last two years, in conjunctions with the Greenway Alliance, Oakland Audubon, MMBA and the rest of the Natural resources killers , who only care about BIKE pathways and not a healthy environment. These are of course the  same people who want SOLAR energy, and No Oil Pipelines and all the fixes for Global Warming. This is while they Kill Nature and everything within it, to achieve their main goals o0f ONE BIOG MICHIGAN PATHWAY. Can you believe these insane idiots actually want to rename our state from the great Lakes state, to the Pathway State. INCREDIBLE.

We will show you how Oakland County Parks, along with the sanctions of the Oakland Audubon Society, destroyed a 200 nest Heronry in West Bloomfield about 10 years ago. Then the spent all types of your donated money to build what they thought where better nests on Towers, then what the Heron could build. How do you think this turned out. NOT ONE HERON HAS RETURNED. FOOLS!

We recommend that you close your membership to Oakland Audubon Society and stop Volunteering with them. They are a CON and do not care about Birds. They only care about what moneys they can get and what situations they can manipulate for their personal benefit. Hit them where it hurts. Stop giving them money. Or…..support their backing of Killing every Heron in Oakland and now Macomb county. They are not satisfied with staying in their own county and district of Oakland. They have to destroy Birds in Macomb county too. PITIFUL!!!!

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