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FALL Cider Hike

One of the nicest Fall Hikes around is the one that starts at Holland Ponds park, follows the Clinton river over to Yates Cider Mill and back. The colors along the river are spectacular…….the Cider at the Mill is some of the best around……and you get to miss all the traffic and congestion trying to park at the Mill.

Just park your car at Holland Ponds…….all the Herons have left the heronry by now, and head to the back of the park. From there the trail meanders along the river, with some beautiful stops at some gravel bars and tree outcroppings. Then it is a nice groomed pathway directly to the Cider Mill, down the old Railroad bed.

At the Historic Yates Cider Mill, look for some remnants of the Clinton-Kalamazoo Canal. You can even find the very rare water bridge over the river there. The Canal was set to cross over the Clinton river on the west side of Dequindre rd. when they where originally constructing the Canal. This was something pretty different, to have the Canal flowing on a raised bridge, over the river. The remnants of this water bridge sits just south of the old Dam that was used for the Cider Mill to control and divert the ever changing Clinton river’s flow.

After you have enjoyed some Cider & Doughnuts, and wandered around some of the Historic sites there, you can take the Hike back along the river, into Holland Ponds park, and back to your car, safe in the parking area. No Muss…..No Fuss……No heavy traffic or car jams. Just a relaxing and colorful walk along the river. A wonderful Fall Colors, River Hike.



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