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1st Annual Great Blue Heron FESTIVAL

Shelby Twp. Parks & Recreation, along with HIKING MICHIGAN will be presenting the very first Great Blue Heron Festival on Saturday, 5/12/12 at Holland Ponds Park and the Burgess-Shadbush Nature Center. There will be a Shuttle Bus system set up, so if you wish to park your car at the Nature Center located at River Bends park, and then be bussed back and forth to Holland Ponds park and the Heronry and activities, then this is a choice for you.

There are plenty of activities scheduled for the day, starting at 9am. Naturalist Dan Farmer will be at the heronry as well as doing special Pond Dipping sessions and other activities. HIKING MICHIGAN leaders will be at the Heronry with Video equipment and large monitors for you to see the Herons very up close and personal. Hopefully we will have some hatched youngsters in the nests by Festival time.

After the main activities at Holland Ponds, there will be more taking place back at the Shadbush Nature Center, as well as a nice Campfire in the gathering place behind the Center. Hot tea and chocolate and treats will be on hand. Watch the video below for even more details for the days events.


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